Horse Leasing


Horse Leasing

Everything you need to know about horse leasing

What is Leasing?

In a few words, leasing a horse is like owning a horse during 2 or 3 days a week (depending on the terms of the contract).

Who can lease a horse ?

To lease a horse you need to be able to ride the horse in safe conditions. You have to be able to control the horse at the walk, trot and canter. You need to know how to tack and un-tack the horse and do all the basics care needed. 

What are the benefits ?

Leasing a horse is having more time to spend with him and learn a lot about riding, but also about taking care of him ! You will have the time to practice what your coach teaches you, and also the opportunity to spend leisurely time with your new equine friend!

 A lease agreement provides an experience similar to horse ownership without the initial cost or lifelong obligation. It is also a great opportunity, before taking any decision, to know if you are ready to be a real owner.

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